Whether you’re talking about your house, your car, or your body, we can all agree that it is better to prevent a problem from occurring than trying to fix it after it occurs. Wellness care involves taking appropriate measures so that you don’t you get sick in the first place, and so it’s a key part in the Family Medicine Center being your medical home.

We’d like to introduce you to a three ways we can work together to ensure a preventative approach to your healthcare:

  • Annual Health Exam. The frequency of routine visits to the doctor is determined by your age, however, all patients should receive an Annual Health Exam. The Annual Health Exam is the cornerstone of preventive health care—it’s something like the maintenance checklist in your car manual, because it’s when we check for things (that if left unchecked) could pose problems later – sometimes sooner than later. Learn what’s covered in an Annual Health Exam and you’ll see why it’s so important.
  • Nutrition. A healthy diet is an essential component of good health. Healthy eating habits can lead to increased levels of happiness. Think before you eat. It is important to consider not only what you put in your body but where it comes from. A tomato grown in your neighbor’s garden is likely to have more nutritional value than a twinkie from a box. For specific advice on nutrition, or weight loss counseling, book an appointment with one of our health care providers. An excellent online resource can be found here
  • Exercise. America is becoming an increasingly sedentary society. Inactivity can lead to issues relating to back pain, heart disease, obesity, and increased levels of stress. Exercise, anything from walking for just a few minutes a day to competing in an Iron Man competition, is a huge benefit to your health. For specific advice on exercise, or for an exercise prescription, book an appointment with one of our health care providers. Read more on our exercise page.