Local Resources for Healthy Living

Hampton Roads has a rich panoply of social, physical, and nutritional guides to a healthy living. The task of organizing so many possibilities into a single list would be overwhelming. In this section we have provided a rough guide as a starting point of places to begin. Rather than posting individual links we have suggested the names of associations and good places to begin your search.

Exercise and social activities:

The YMCA has activities for each member of the family. Depending on the branch, their offerings include yoga, spin classes, swim classes, rock climbing, water aerobics, weight training, and much more. The YMCA’s focus on family and community involvement make it a wonderful place to start.
Local running and bike shops: these shops often sponsor clubs and events, and often have expertise to get you started in a sport or help you develop your skills along the way.

Recreaction club teams: these range in diversity through swimming, soccer, football, baseball, fieldhockey, dance, track, triathlon, running, waterpolo, and ultimate frisbee. Joining a club can be an excellent way to promote accountability and consistent athletic training.

Volunteer opportunities: volunteering, offering to help, is an essential characteristic of what it means to be human. Check at your church, your children’s school, the Red Cross, or call us if you need help finding ways to help.